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Should You Upgrade the Lights in Your Home? Yes, and Here’s Why

Chances are, you’ve been using the same lighting fixtures that came with your home. Sure, you may have added a lamp or two, but you’re probably stuck with dim bulbs that don’t offer adequate light.

Here are a few reasons why you should upgrade the lights in your home. Upgrading your home’s lighting can improve the quality of the light within the home and make it brighter and easier on the eyes. That means less eye strain and adequate light leads to a better overall mood.

Also, upgrading enhances not only the feel of your home, but it can also increase the resale value should you decide to sell down the road. Lastly, with higher efficiency bulbs, you can save energy, which means money saved on your electric bills.

What About LED? Are They Really Worth It?

  • LED bulbs last up to 50,000 hours. Compare that to incandescent bulbs which top out at about 2,000 hours.
  • LED bulbs can save you up to 80% on your energy costs
  • LED bulbs withstand harsher environments that incandescent, which make them ideal for outdoor use.
  • LED bulbs don’t get as hot as traditional bulbs, which means they’re safer around children and there’s less chance of a fire.

If you’re thinking about a lighting upgrade, call JDV Electric to discuss an LED lighting retrofit and let us show you how versatile these bulbs really are!

Track vs. Recessed Lighting

While track and recessed lighting both illuminate a specific area and perform a similar function, there are some important differences you should consider when deciding on one of these sleek lighting options.

Recessed Lighting

Sometimes called “can lighting”, recessed lighting is installed into the ceiling between ceiling joints. Recessed lighting has no visible hanging light fixtures. There are different styles of recessed lighting including those which are flush with the ceiling and cylindrical lights which do protrude from the ceiling.

Benefits of Recessed Lighting

  • More subtle than track lighting
  • Typically easier to install than track lighting

Track Lighting

Track lighting consists of a series of hanging lamps arranged on a narrow track. The lights are mounted to a box which provides power. There are three types of track lighting. Basic, which connects right to the ceiling; monorail, which involves a track that hangs a few inches below the ceiling; and cable track lighting, which feature steel cables much like a train track and lights which hang from the center. These systems are common in commercial properties.

Track Lighting Benefits

  • Often more cost-effective than recessed lighting since it is not installed into drywall like recessed lighting
  • Can be installed almost anywhere whereas recessed lighting cannot due to lack of drywall in some spaces
  • More flexibility since the position of the lamps can be easily adjusted to focus the light just where you want it

Still not sure which to choose? Our electricians can help you decide whether track or recessed lighting will be the right fit for your space.

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Outside Lights Beautify Your Home and Provide Security

Is your home well-lit on the outside? If not, it’s time to consider installing outdoor security lights. Outdoor lighting makes your home more beautiful, but it also discourages intruders and burglars. Every home should have adequate outdoor lighting, but too much or improperly placed draws unnecessary attention to your home.

Call JDV Electric today for a consultation and let us show you what the right amount of outdoor lighting looks like for your home.

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