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Tips for Creating the Perfect Summer-Ready Backyard!

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How to Turn the Yard Into a Summer Oasis

The best thing about summertime is that there is always somewhere to go and something to do. That includes get-togethers like backyard barbecues and pool parties. Throwing a great summer party requires preparation, so here are some ideas for homeowners who want to create the perfect setting for summer fun in the backyard.

Whether for a Fourth of July celebration, an informal cookout with burgers and beer, or just hanging out with family and friends, the backyard is a busy entertaining space during the summer. Homeowners that want to take something simple like a backyard BBQ to the next level should consider backyard upgrades that make the property more attractive and inviting.

Create a Vibe with Added Lighting

One of the most useful and simple backyard projects to improve homeowners’ ability to host social events at night is the addition of outdoor lighting. This small upgrade can make a big difference. First, it expands the usability of the backyard, allowing the family and their guests to hang out longer instead of having to call it a night when it gets dark. This means more fun times and memories with friends and family.

Second, it can create a warm, inviting mood. Landscape lighting accents the backyard’s best features by illuminating specific trees or plants. It allows proud homeowners to showcase their property and landscaping.

Third, it is safer. With adequate outdoor lighting, friends and family members will not be stumbling around in dim light, tripping, and knocking things over. Installing a flood light also promotes safety by scaring away potential intruders. It is an everyday security feature that deters would-be intruders and protects the home. Best of all, homeowners who install outdoor lights for security may qualify for a discount on their insurance, depending upon the policy.

Never Run Out of Power with a Generator


Another easy way to upgrade the backyard for parties and practical purposes is by purchasing a generator. A generator instantly expands the possibilities of what can happen in the backyard after dark – music, TV,  fans, cooking, extra lighting, and the ability to charge cell phones and devices.

But the right generator is more than just a party tool. It’s a practical emergency device. In the event of a power outage, a generator can be a lifesaver by powering:

  • Refrigerators and coolers to keep food from spoiling
  • Lighting
  • Phones and electronic devices
  • Cooking appliances
  • Medical devices

While most people are familiar with smaller portable generators that can power a few essential electrical devices during an outage, many savvy homeowners opt for whole-home generators. And although a whole-home generator is more expensive than the smaller portable models and must be installed by a professional electrician, they have the power to provide electricity to the entire home. 

Invest in Pools or Hot Tubs


Installing a pool or hot tub instantly makes a backyard THE place to be during the summer and helps create new and exciting memories. Whether homeowners are hosting a huge pool party or having a relaxing soak in the hot tub with a glass of wine, it means a better quality of life. Installing a pool and hot tub also increases the home’s property value.

But water and electricity are a tricky mix. To ensure everything is connected safely and complies with local codes and regulations, homeowners should always hire a professional electrician to hook up the wiring for hot tubs and pools. 

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