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Tips for Practicing Electrical Safety at Home

Home & Electrical Safety
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Electrical Safety Tips From Professional Electricians

Various electrical hazards can arise from the home’s electrical wiring, including accidental electrocution and house fires. Homeowners need to be aware of electrical safety hazards and take steps to prevent them, and there is no better time than now since May is National Electrical Safety Month. 

Being mindful of recommended wattage for electrical fixtures and using surge protectors can help to prevent an electrical surge. Trusting an experienced local electrician with repairs and maintenance will go a long way in promoting the efficient and safe performance of the electrical system. 

Prevent Overloaded Outlets


One of the most common electrical hazards homeowners run into is overloaded outlets. Electrical outlets are made to handle a certain amount of electrical charge, and plugging in multiple fixtures at once can cause an overload of electricity. A surge of electricity can damage the outlet and require outlet repair. 

During a surge, the breaker box will trip and shut off electricity for that outlet. If the circuit breaker is not functioning properly, the electrical surge can generate enough heat to melt the insulation on the wires. When the wires begin to spark, the chance of accidental house fire increases. 

To prevent overloaded outlets, homeowners should be mindful of the capacity of their outlets. Instead of plugging multiple devices into one outlet, homeowners should try to spread out their fixtures among numerous different outlets. 

Using a surge protector on outlets that get a lot of use is a great way to prevent overloading the outlets. When appliances are not in use, it is good to unplug them to save electricity and avoid overloading the system. 

Always Use Correct Wattage wattages

Wattage is the system of measurement used to measure electrical power. Homeowners can see how many wattages of electricity their home uses on their monthly power bills. Lightbulb wattage is important to consider for lamps and light fixtures. If the wattage of the lightbulb is higher than recommended for the appliance, it can result in an overload of electricity. 

Using a lightbulb with a high wattage in the wrong type of light fixture can lead to electrocution, house fire, or permanently damage the appliance. Most light fixtures and appliances will list the recommended wattage on the appliance’s box or instructions. Using the correct wattage is important for the electrical safety of the home. 

Avoid DIY Electrical Repairs 

Homeowners may be tempted to repair their electrical systems themselves to save money on electrical services, but DIY electrical repairs are extremely dangerous. Electricians go through years of training both in the classroom and on the job to obtain a license to work on electrical systems. Without the proper training, a person cannot complete electrical work without being a safety hazard. 

When any sign of an electrical system issue presents itself, it is recommended to contact a trusted, local electrical company right away. Electrical problems can result in house fires that put the homeowner and the entire neighborhood at risk, so responsible homeowners should leave electrical work up to the professionals. 

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