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Keep Fourth of July Gatherings Fun and Safe with GFCIs!

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GFCIs Offer Protection So Families Can Enjoy the Fun!

Fourth of July is fast approaching, which means many homeowners and their families will welcome guests for Independence Day festivities. While this is an exciting time, it is also a time to be extra wary of safety issues, especially if some of those guests include children. In particular, homeowners should ensure that they are watching out for electrical safety.

One of the most important ways to ensure electrical safety is to invest in ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). These appliances are designed specifically to detect imbalances in electrical currents and initiate breaks if they are indeed present. In doing so, GFCIs mitigate the risk of potentially harmful or lethal electrical shock.

Homeowners should understand where to install GFCIs and why these locations are of particular importance. Read on for all of this information and more!

Pump Motors for the Pool

The pool is a key area to watch out for when it comes to electrical safety, and the pump motors in the pool are of particular importance. In general, homeowners should watch out for electrical safety related to their pools because of the conductive nature of water, so if an electrical current comes in contact with the water, this could lead to a very dangerous situation.

Legally, homeowners must have GFCIs when they install a new pool, regardless of the electrical connection that leads to the pump motor. GFCIs will particularly prevent lethal ground faults that may result in or around the pool area. Professional electricians will be able to help with the installation of GFCIs in new pools.

Lighting for the Pool


In addition to the pool pump, the pool lighting is an extremely important area to look out for. In particular, homeowners need to look out for the lighting inside the pool and also around the pool. Similar to pool pumps, pool lighting is required by regulation to be equipped with GFCIs.

For the lighting around the pool area, these need to be equipped with GFCIs and must also be a certain distance from the pool to mitigate the risk of coming into contact with water and causing electrical shock. For the lighting inside the pool area, this is of even more importance. When the lighting is inside the pool, it is in even closer potential contact with the water, so GFCIs are crucial.

By hiring a professional to install GFCIs for the lighting inside and around the pool area, homeowners and their families can enjoy the pool worry-free – and their guests can as well!

Ceiling Fans and Other Appliances Outdoors


Aside from the pool, homeowners and their families should install GFCIs for their outdoor ceiling fans and any other miscellaneous outdoor appliances. This is of particular importance if these appliances are located near the pool. For example, someone could be at risk of electrical shock if they attempt to pull the fan’s “on” string while their feet are in contact with the water.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether a GFCI is necessary or not. Professional electricians can help homeowners make this decision responsibly, and overall, the best rule of thumb is to err on the side of safety!

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