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Choosing Your Home’s Eco-Friendly Holiday Decorations!

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Holiday Lights for an Eco-Friendly World

There is so much joy around the holidays and festive lights are one way that people love to show off their spirit. While taking the time to appreciate all the family and friends in people’s lives, everyone should also take time to appreciate what a gift this world is.

It is everyone’s duty as citizens of the world to take care of the planet. While decorating your house this season, take a look at the lights you are using. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of eco-friendly lights to help save the environment while making your house look beautiful.

Open Your Home to Indoor LED Lights

led indoor lights

LED lights use one-tenth the amount of electricity than their standard light counterparts. As a result, it is time to ditch the old lights and upgrade to LED lights.

They have the ability to last up to 50 times longer than standard indoor lights so even though you may pay more upfront, it will save you plenty of money in the long run. These bulbs also have the staying power to not burn out.

There is nothing more frustrating than decorating your tree and noticing a strand of lights out. It is the perfect solution to save money and not go through the headaches of constantly replacing strands of lights.

Take Advantage of Outdoor Solar Lights

Now that you have replaced the inside of your home with LED lights, it is time to turn your attention to the outdoors. Outdoor decorating looks beautiful once it is finished, but it can be very time-consuming. The wires get all tangled up and you realize that half of them no longer work by the time you put them up. Plus, when you are using all those extension cords, you are increasing the risk of a house fire starting.

solar powered lights

Take advantage of what solar power has to offer. All that is needed to make them run is a rechargeable battery. Other than that, you design your home, place your solar panels around the house where appropriate, and let the sun take care of your holiday decorations. No more extension cords or unnecessary headaches. And, you will receive the best Christmas gift of all: an extremely low electricity bill!

More LED Holiday Options

led candles

In addition to using LED lights on the inside of your home and solar-powered lights on the outside, there are many other holiday LED light options that you can use to decorate your home. Light Emitting Diode candles are a popular hit to decorate your windows.

Various LED snowflakes can be used to top off your tree, either indoors or out. A lot of people enjoy decorating their front porch with hanging Christmas balls. If that sounds like you, take advantage of the many colors LED Christmas balls have to offer.

How about some outdoor trees? Many variations are available to decorate your front lawn. You won’t have to string any lights around your existing trees with some of the LED options that are available to you. Finally, reindeers, sleighs, and Santa Claus LED options are ready for you to bring out the kid in everyone with their displays.

Your house will look like a winter wonderland without having to take out another mortgage!

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