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The Benefits of Whole Home Electrical Inspections

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Understanding a Whole Home Electrical Inspection

When you hear someone say whole home safety inspection what comes to your mind? Do you have a list of questions you’d like to ask? Are you wondering what it is and why you might need it? If an electrical technician recommended that you have one, would you?

In this article, expert electricians explain the ins and outs of an electrical inspection and why it’s an essential service you should have done in your home.

When Are Whole Home Inspections Needed?

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From time to time, every homeowner experiences problems with their plumbing, electricity, and heating. Unfortunately, that is just a fact of homeownership. It doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds, however.

For every problem you experience, there are probably warning signs that let you know ahead of time that you had problems occurring. If you catch the warning signs early enough, you’re almost always able to prevent a major problem that requires thousands of dollars to fix.

This is why whole-home electrical inspections are so important. Major electrical issues don’t usually happen overnight. Some reasons you may need an inspection include:

  • Flickering Lights
  • Burning Smells
  • Outlets With No Power
  • Visible Damage to Wiring
  • Electrical Fires

Even when you experience wires that get chewed through due to rodents, if you have a whole-home inspection, a technician can often catch those issues before they get too bad and fix them before they cause a problem.

What Happens During an Electrical Inspection?


So what happens during a whole-home electrical inspection? The inspection covers a wide variety of electrical hazards and safety features.

Technicians will inspect your lighting, grounding systems, outdoor electrical systems, your electrical panel, potential shot or electrocution hazards, surge protection, smoke detector placement and testing, carbon monoxide detectors placement and testing, and inspection of electrical panels.

After the entire inspection is conducted, the electrician will meet with you to discuss their findings. They will offer you a detailed report that goes through each part of your home and identifies any areas of concern, breakdown, or hazard. Recommendations for repair work are also included in the report you are given after the inspection of your home’s electrical system.

Getting the Right Electrician Services


At this point, you might be thinking that you have enough information to successfully conduct your own electrical inspection. Let us warn you. Every year, homeowners try to fix electrical work and cause great harm to themselves or their families.

Electricity is dangerous to tinker around with. While there are great tutorials on how to install a patio, fix your window framing, and lay down carpet on YouTube, you should never follow a tutorial for fixing your own electrical problems.

Electricity can be incredibly dangerous if you aren’t fully informed and understand how to properly fix it. Electricians have gone to school, are licensed, carry permits, and have all the trade knowledge necessary to ensure a job done right.

Diving into your electrical outlets without proper knowledge and experience is a recipe for disaster. Only the best, most experienced master electricians are capable of handling whole-home inspections and repairs.

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