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Philadelphia electrical repair and troubleshooting

JDV Electric in Philadelphia, PA is "Your Trusted Local Electrician." Locally owned and operated by founder Joe Voci since 2005, Philly residents have come to rely on us to deliver high-quality electrical repairs, wiring repair and replacement, breaker panel upgrades, GFCI installations, landscape lighting and indoor lighting, and more. If you are looking for a trustworthy electrician in Philadelphia, look no further than JDV Electric.

JDV Electric - Electrical services in Philadelphia, PA

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Protection for Your Home With GFCI and AFCI Breakers

AFCI (arc-fault circuit interrupters) breakers in your electrical panel are essential to shield you and your home from arc-faults. GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupt) breakers protect from ground faults. Both are now mandated in new add-ons and new construction for their double-duty defense against fires generated by arc-faults. They also eliminate electrical losses due to hot coils that come in contact with a ground or neutral line without shutting off the power. You will usually see them in rooms where there is a risk of contact with water.

Both GFCI and AFCI may be combined for optimal overcurrent protection. Both will shut off the power if there is an overcurrent and will protect from hazardous arcing faults that may result in electrocution or fire. JDV Electric's AFCI/GFCI installations obey all local and state code requirements for the highest form of security.

Protect Your Home with Circuit Board Upgrades

Also called panelboard, electrical panel, or breaker panel, your circuit board requires routine inspections and upgrades to be able to provide your home with the highest form of protection
against high currents and electrical faults. As electrical circuits enter your residence through of transformers, it travels to your electrical panel. Older dwellings are not equipped to handle today's contemporary appliances and other gadgets, so upgrading the electrical panel is of utmost importance.

Call JDV Electric for reliable electrical panel upgrades and replacement. One of our certified electricians will check your electrical panel for the following:

  • Lights flicker
  • Noisy panel board
  • Appliance underperformance
  • Corroded breakers
  • Breakers trip
  • No AFCI or GFCIs

JDV Electric's thorough electrical upgrades are done by reputable electrical contractors who have received the highest training in the electrical industry.

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Brilliant Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Done Right

At JDV Electric, we offer high-quality lighting solutions, including landscape lighting, walkway lights, floodlights, motions sensor lights, deck lighting and more. Our indoor lighting applications are attractive yet practical. We offer contemporary lighting, such as office lighting, track lighting, pendant lights, and chandeliers. We aim to bring you 5-star services with licensed electricians who are background checked, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our work is compliant with all local and state codes.

Local Reviews
for Philadelphia, PA

Joe V.

Joe V.

Replace ballasts, switches and install dimmer

Near Philadelphia, PA 19148
Erick L.

Erick L.

100 AMP outside service replacement

Near Philadelphia, PA 19104
Joe S.

Joe S.

Install new AFCI protected circuit in basement; Install GFCI protection as required by code in laundry room and kitchen; replace toggle switch.

Near S 16th St, Philadelphia, PA 19145
Joe S.

Joe S.

Annual Safety & Savings Plan Membership Inspection

Near Greenway Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19142
Joe S.

Joe S.

Install two Lutron Caseta dimmers.

Near S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Call JDV Electric in Philadelphia, PA at (610) 364-5099 for AFCI and GFCI upgrades, fuse repairs, wiring repairs, and circuit breakers inspection by licensed electricians, code updates, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.