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What Should You Know About Your Fuse Box?

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Common Fuse Box FAQs Answered

Most homeowners don’t give much thought to their fuse boxes on a daily basis. But when that appliance that usually works so well don’t work quite right, or the overhead lights dim and then go back to full brightness even though there’s no storm, the source of the problem could very well be the fuse box.

The little box that is often hidden in a back room in your house or outside is far more important than most people realize. If it wasn’t for the fuse box, people wouldn’t be able to have electricity safely brought into their home. When a fuse box has problems, however, the consequences could be serious if not fixed right away.

When you’re messing with electricity, fixing a fuse box properly is of utmost importance. In this article, you’ll learn how professionals can remove and fix your fuse box. You’ll also learn about the benefits of upgrading older models.

How to Remove a Fuse Box

how to remove

If an old fuse box needs replacing, the first step necessary is removing the box itself. This is a job for professional electricians to accomplish, as one misstep could easily cause overheating, ending in electrocution or even start a fire.

When an electrician tackles this part of the job, they will shut off all electricity coming into the box. They will then remove the fuses with a screwdriver or other tool. They’ll unhook wires in pairs, making sure to note where each wire should be returned.

Finally, the fuse box can be unscrewed from the wall and removed. At this point, your electrician will be ready to install a new fuse box. If done right, this is a fairly simple process, which is one more reason why hiring a professional is important.

How to Fix a Fuse Box

how to fix

If you have a broken fuse, then you’ll want to call an electrician to come out and fix the issue. During the process, your electrician will turn off the power supply. They will then have you unplug all appliances, as a precaution, after locating which fuse is blown.

They will then identify which fuse is blown and locate a replacement fuse. Your electrician will be sure to replace the fuse with another of the same amperage. They’ll never use a higher amperage because it can be dangerous and cause damage to your electric panel wiring. When they find a match, they’ll screw the new fuse into position and restore power.

Upgrading a Fuse Box

upgrading a fuse box

Old fuse boxes are the culprit of electrical problems, shorts, and can even increase the risk of a fire inside your house. If wiring is faulty or you experience power surges, it’s time to look at your fuse box.

When you upgrade an old fuse box, you’ll not only be given peace of mind and increased safety, but you will also experience your electricity working in your house as it should.

You’ll likely find that electrical problems, such as unaccountable brownouts and other problems, will vanish when you have your fuse box replaced with a new one.

The newer the fuse box, the less you’ll have to worry about electric shocks, circuit overloads, and other common problems that come with an old fuse box. By upgrading before problems start occurring, you’ll save yourself the pain, headache, and cost of expensive fixes later on when your fuse box goes bad.

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