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What Is Green Energy?

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Learning about Green Energy for St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is all about green, so why not focus on green and clean energy? Renewable energy sources are growing in popularity, and it is understandable why. With new inventions and upgrades, it is easier to harness clean energy than ever before.

Although it can be costly to first install, green energy saves homeowners money in the long run. However, not all renewable energy types are the same or work well in different areas. 

What Are Three Types of Renewable Energy?


There are dozens of different types of renewable energy, but homeowners only really use about three types on a large scale. Almost everyone knows what solar energy is. This type of energy uses the sun’s warmth and particles to store energy for electricity.

Wind energy is a renewable type of energy that uses wind or the natural movement of air to create energy from wind turbines. They are large turbines that spin when a gust of air moves towards the turbine. The spinning then powers a charger or energy generator. 

Hydroelectric energy is less common than the two above but still has perks. For homeowners who live near the water with a strong current, hydroelectric energy pushes water in a moving turbine to power a battery.


What Are the Positives of Green Clean Energy?

There are so many positives to using and installing green energy that, surprisingly, not all homeowners are using it. For example, there are monetary benefits. The government provides tax incentives and free grants to homeowners who use green and clean energy, especially solar energy.

It is also possible to save hundreds of dollars on an energy bill because of green and clean energy. Since the energy is free and comes from renewable sources outside, there is only a small monthly fee for its usage.

Another benefit is that it keeps the world safe, clean, and happy! Many natural resources are used for energy, which means homeowners won’t have an abundance of trees and nature one day. However, solar and wind energy do not disturb the earth.

What Is the Best Alternative Energy?

The best sustainable energy is solar power. It’s easier to access and can be made in small battery forms. Wind power is not as effective because not everywhere is windy, but it is still being researched and upgraded.

With wind energy, homeowners need a lot of space to build large turbines to gather enough power to bring electricity to their homes. With solar power, a roof is the only thing needed.

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