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Backyard Lighting Can Create the Perfect Backyard Atmosphere This Summer

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Get That Backyard Ready For Summer With Outdoor Lighting

Summer is the perfect time to upgrade outdoor lighting. There is nothing better than chilling in the backyard on a cool summer night. Homeowners can’t do that if they don’t have adequate outdoor lighting. Now is the time to have old outdoor lighting inspected and new lighting installed to create that perfect backyard atmosphere just in time for summer. There are many different types of lights to choose from as well. Homeowners can talk to their local electrician experts to answer any questions they might have. There is also more information below regarding three of the most popular outdoor lighting choices for summer. Continue reading to learn more. 

Floodlights: When Lots of Light Is Necessary 


Floodlights usually get installed for security reasons because they are so bright. Floodlights are the types of lights that people put at the tops of their garages to provide sufficient lighting for the driveway and walkways up to the house. 

Some homeowners even like to have these lights installed on their homes to provide lighting for the backyard yard. This way, homeowners can have cookouts and gatherings after the sun goes down and not worry about lighting. 

Some other benefits of floodlights are:

  • They are long-lasting
  • Energy-efficient
  • Controlled heat emission
  • Cost-efficient 

Landscape Lighting: To Show Off the Plants!

Aside from security, homeowners like to show off their landscaping as well. After all, when one spends hours making the outside of their house look a certain way and taking care of beautiful plants, they often want to showcase those efforts like art fixtures. During the night, houses and landscaping can almost disappear in the darkness. However, with landscape lighting, both the landscaping and outside of the home become softly lit in the evening. 

Landscape lighting isn’t very bright. The landscaping won’t be under a spotlight. Instead, the lighting gets placed in the ground in front of the plants. This is why the landscaping and home begin to appear as beautiful art installations. If the landscaping is near a sidewalk, the lighting can serve as soft walkway lighting as well. Landscape lighting is very much aesthetically pleasing. 

Raise the Aesthetic With String Lights


Another type of lighting that is aesthetically pleasing is string lights. These lights provide a little more lighting than landscape lighting but still substantially less than floodlights. Not only that, but string lights are the most versatile of all three types of lights. Homeowners can hang them throughout their porch and backyard and then move them inside for nice interior lighting in the winter months. 

That said, most string lights today are weather-resistant and meant to be left outside all year. These lights also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to match whatever aesthetic the homeowner is trying to accomplish. 

JDV Electric Has All the Answers

JDV Electric is the Lansdowne electric company that works hard to keep its customers satisfied and safe. They are an A+ BBB-rated company, so new customers know they are getting top-rated services when they hire JDV Electric. Call today to learn more about outdoor lighting in Lansdowne, PA!

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