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Want to Know How to Keep a Home Green This St. Patty's Day?

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The Easiest Ways to Make a Home Eco-friendly

As winter draws to an end, utility bills may still be high with furnaces and heaters running overtime to keep up with the still chilly weather. This winter has been pretty harsh, leaving many without power due to the need for more heat and utility companies not having the resources to keep up with the demand. In this article, experts will list some of the best ways to neutralize high utility bills, leaving more money in the bank account.

One way to keep the heating bill down would be to install a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are energy efficient and are personalized. Similarly, switching all light bulbs to energy-efficient light bulbs can reduce costs and cut down on the need for replacement since they last longer than traditional light bulbs.

Of course, for homeowners looking to make simpler changes, this article outlines a few options too! 

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Natural is Best 

We all know the sun is essential for health reasons. It provides vitamin D, as well as being proven to reduce fatigue and improve mental health. Did you know that sunlight can also help keep money in the bank account? During the sunny days and months, instead of using electricity to light the house, try drawing back the curtains and rolling up the shades to let the sunshine brighten up the space being occupied. The sunlight coming through the window also naturally warms the space, so the heating system won’t have to work as hard, saving even more money. Not only will there be a difference financially, but the sun will also help alleviate stress.

Switch Out Appliances for Energy Efficient Ones

The majority of homes nowadays have energy-efficient appliances like stoves, dishwashers, washers, and dryers. But some still have older appliances. Ever heard of the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it?” Well, sometimes it is still beneficial to replace something, even if it is working adequately. The older appliances and the amount of electricity it requires to run can cost more money in the long run than purchasing a newer replacement with high energy efficiency.

Does It Really Need to Stay Plugged in All the Time?


Sometimes it can be hard to remember to unplug devices while they are not in use. Keeping devices (not currently in use) plugged in might not cost too much in one month, but it can start to add up over time. Many homeowners do not realize that electronics like laptops, televisions, and even gaming devices can continue to drain small bits of electricity, known as standby energy, even when they’re not actively in use. Over time, this can translate into tons of wasted energy a year, 

In addition to saving on utility costs, unplugging can also prevent fires. If an outlet is overloaded with too many items plugged into it, it can overload the circuit and cause a fire. Safety first! Of course, it’s always best for homeowners that need more help to work with a licensed electrician to find the best ways to save. 

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