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Lighting Automation Gets Smarter

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Adding Smart, Automated Lighting to a Home 

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Automation is a wonderful thing, making life simpler and more efficient. And it’s pretty much everywhere. There are automatic payments people can set up for their bills, automated emails that are sent out when purchasing an item online, automated reminders for doctor appointments and other meetings, and now, the era of smart home technology is growing larger and larger every day.

In this article, homeowners can learn about smart, automated lights, the benefits they hold, and maintenance tips for these lights. 

Smart, Automated Lighting

Automated lighting isn’t necessarily a new concept. Remember the clapper? Clap two times, and the lights shut off. Then clap again, and they turn back on. However, automated lighting is now much more advanced than it was at the time of the clapper. These systems now are connected to a WiFi network and have more advanced features. Homeowners can turn lights on and off by setting a schedule, by voice command, or through a mobile application.

Due to the growing popularity of these products, automated lights can be found in many places including online at Amazon or other retail stores. And they’re pretty simple to install since they screw into the normal sockets in the ceiling. Then it just takes a bit of time to set up the commands. But always be sure to check the compatibility of the light bulbs with any existing smart system in the home.


Lighting Automation Benefits

As with most automated products and services, automated lights were built with certain benefits in mind.

  • Oh so convenient: Automation was built to make things convenient and easy for the user. And the same is true with smart lights. Before leaving for a trip or heading to bed after a long day, it’s a lot easier to check the lights on a mobile app and turn them off than to walk through the house to double-check.
  • Money saved every day: LED light bulbs are known to be more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, and most automated lights use LED technology. They also have a lifespan 25 times longer than a traditional bulb. With less energy being used every day, and fewer trips to the store to buy new light bulbs for ones that have burned out helps homeowners save money.
  • Greater security: In addition to voice commands, mobile app toggles, and set schedules, smart lights can also be turned on and off based on motion detection. When motion is detected, an alert is sent to the homeowner to notify them that something strange may be happening around their home.

What Electrical Maintenance is Needed for Automated Lights?

As mentioned, automated lights have been proven to last a very long time: 25 times as long as traditional bulbs, which ends up being around 50,000 hours. So in terms of maintenance, the light bulbs won’t need to be changed out all that often. But because smart lights are screwed into the regular sockets in the house, the same maintenance needs apply to the rest of the electrical system. 

That means following best practices like keeping water away from outlets, making sure that circuits are properly grounded, inspecting and replacing any frayed wires, and regularly checking the electrical panel for damage or rust. All of these precautions keep the electrical system in good shape and ensure that the smart lights in a home continue to work their best. 

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