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Prepare the Breaker Panel for the Upcoming Holidays

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Get the Breaker Panel Ready for the Strain of Holiday Visitors

One of the coolest things to do over the holidays is to drive around and look at all of the holiday lights people have put up on their homes and in their yards. Sometimes, people will even put on a show with their holiday lights, making them dance to a famous song. 

But all of those lights require a lot of electricity. And in addition to the holiday lights, many households may be preparing to have family and friends stay at their home for the holidays. This requires a lot more electrical work that the house needs to provide too. More lights will be on for a longer period of time, and more TVs, devices, and WiFi will be used. So homeowners need to be prepared and get their homes ready for everything that the holiday season entails. 

What Is a Breaker Panel?

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When thinking about the electrical system, the breaker panel is one of the most critical pieces. It separates the electrical power into different circuits. Think of the panel as a big switch that distributes power to different parts of the house.

The breaker panel also plays a critical role in the home’s safety. If there’s a short or an overload of power, the breaker can cut off the flow of a current to prevent damage to the circuit, appliances, and electronics in the home. This also improves fire safety by preventing sparks and electrical shocks in the house. 

Signs That the Home Needs To Repair the Breaker Panel

As mentioned, the breaker panel is essential to the electrical safety of the house. Therefore, homeowners should be very aware of when the panel may be malfunctioning. Here are a few signs to watch out for:

  • Burning Odors: If homeowners experience a burning smell coming from the breaker panel, or if it is hot to touch, that is a big problem. The wiring and insulation have likely become overheated, and the panel needs to be repaired.
  • Exterior damage: Every once in a while, homeowners should take a look at their breaker panel to see if they can spot any physical damage on the exterior. Scorch marks, corrosion, and frayed wires all signal that it’s time for the panel to be replaced.
  • Breakers tripping: The breakers are supposed to trip if there’s too much power being drawn as a method of protecting the home. However, if the breakers frequently trip when homeowners use certain appliances, it’s likely a sign that the breaker is worn and needs to be replaced.

When Is the Time To Replace a Breaker Panel


If homeowners notice any of the signs mentioned above, they may be able to repair the breaker panel without replacing it, depending on how much damage is done. But if the damage is too severe, it will need to be replaced.

Finally, if homeowners are planning to remodel, purchase new appliances, or build onto their homes, they may need to replace the breaker panel. Oftentimes, the existing breaker panel may not be equipped to handle the newer technology or won’t be able to handle much additional power if new rooms are added to the house. Homeowners should consult with a professional to determine if their home improvements require a breaker panel replacement.

About JDV Electric

JDV Electric has been putting customers first since its beginnings in 2005. They’re a one-stop electrical contractor handling a full range of projects from GFCI outlet conversion to whole-home rewiring to breaker panel upgrades and fuse box repairs. From their transparent pricing to the way they treat their customers with respect, their goal has always been to create a hassle-free experience regardless of the size of the job. Give them a call for all your Lansdowne electrical panel upgrade and repair needs.

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