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Stop Wasting Money on Light Bulbs That Will Just Burn Out

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Do Light Bulbs that Burn Out Really Need to be Replaced?

Everyone loves a good horror movie. There’s always that one scene where the main character is slowly walking down the hall, holding a baseball bat or something similar for protection, the lights are flickering in the background, and they’re just waiting for someone to jump out.

Though the flickering lights add to the effects and create that incredible suspense, most people don’t want that kind of drama and suspense in their own day-to-day lives at home. When a light starts to dim or flicker, many people automatically think that it’s best to replace it. It’s burned out, it’s dead, and it’s not coming back.

However, that’s not always the case. Often times this flickering or dimming can occur because of a larger electrical issue in the house. By fixing that electrical issue, homeowners can save money by allowing light bulbs to last longer and can save time by not having to run to the store so frequently.

An Indoor Lighting Problem Is a Likely Cause

indoor lighting problems

So what is the cause of that flickering? Some types of lighting are naturally prone to flickering. Fluorescent lights will often flicker for the first minute or so when they are turned on. This is normal, so homeowners shouldn’t mistake it for a sign that the bulbs need to be changed.

Sometimes, the bulbs just get loose. This can be especially common in garages since the opening and shutting of the garage door can cause the light bulbs to move a bit each time and wiggle their way loose. Faulty light switches are another common cause for flickering lights but aren’t something to sweat about.

If the lights flicker when turning on another high-powered appliance, or if the lights dim unexpectedly, this is often a sign of a voltage fluctuation, which can be quite serious. Additionally, if there is loose wiring around the fixtures, this is also a serious indoor lighting problem. Loose wiring is actually one of the biggest causes of house fires! So when voltage fluctuations occur or when loose wiring is spotted, it’s important to call an electrician before it turns into a dangerous situation.

How to Fix Electrical Problems

Voltage fluctuations and loose wiring can be a scary experience as a homeowner, but luckily there are solutions to both of these problems. Loose and corroded connections are often the cause of voltage fluctuations. By hiring an electrician, they’ll be able to determine where that faulty connection is and make the necessary adjustments to fix it.

fixing electrical problems

When the terminal connections on wall switches and outlets become loose, this is what causes flickering lights from loose wiring. This problem can be very tricky and dangerous for a homeowner to fix on their own, so it’s best to consult a professional electrician to tighten things up and make sure the home is safe.

How to Prevent Burnt Out Lights

preventing burnt out lights

The best way to prevent a burnt out light is to be mindful of when the lights are on. If all the lights in the house are turned on, but everyone is in one room, then that’s a waste of the light’s power and can cause it to burn out faster.

However, make sure that the light is actually burnt out before replacing it. Try unscrewing the bulb a bit and then screw it back in to see if it was just loose. Or turn the switch on and off a couple of times to see if it’s just a faulty switch.

If someone notices voltage fluctuations or loose wiring, know that it’s not the light bulb; there is a serious electrical hazard happening and a professional needs to be consulted. Taking some of these prevention measures can help homeowners avoid wasted money on new light bulbs.

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