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What a Storm Could Mean for Your Home’s Electrical System

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Lightning strike during a thunderstorm near residential neighborhood

Rain, thunder, and lightning storms can wreak havoc on your home’s electrical system. At JDV Electric, we’ve seen firsthand the damage that severe weather can cause, particularly during storm season. These storms are a significant source of electrical issues in homes across Delaware County. Understanding and preparing for the potential dangers can help protect your home and family from unforeseen electrical hazards.

Common Damage to Electric Systems Caused by Storms

Storms cause billions of dollars of damage a year. When storms hit, they often lead to serious electrical problems that can compromise the safety and functionality of your home.

Wind or Tree Damage

Strong winds and falling trees are known for knocking down outside service lines and ripping the cable feed from homes. This not only disrupts electrical service but also creates a severe risk of property damage and personal injury.

These issues require immediate attention from expert electricians like those at JDV Electric to safely restore power and ensure the integrity of your home’s electrical infrastructure.

Water Damage

Water finding its way into your electrical panel is another common issue during storms, and it’s one that many homeowners may not immediately recognize. Moisture in your electrical panel can lead to short circuits, creating a fire hazard and potentially damaging the electrical system throughout your home. Identifying and addressing water damage early is critical to maintaining your home’s safety.

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Electrical Safety Tips

To protect your Delco home during storm season, it’s important to be proactive about electrical safety. By taking preventative steps, you can reduce the risk of electrical accidents and damage during severe weather. Use these electrical safety tips as your first line of defense against the unpredictability of storms.

  • Inspect your electrical system: Before storm season hits, have a professional from JDV Electric inspect your electrical system, including the panel, for any potential vulnerabilities.
  • Secure outdoor electrical systems: Double-check to be sure any outdoor electrical systems are securely covered and waterproofed to prevent water damage.
  • Invest in whole-home surge protection: Surge protectors can help protect your appliances and electronics from sudden surges caused by lightning strikes.
  • Know how to turn off your power: In case of flooding or if instructed to by authorities, know how to safely shut off your home’s power to prevent electrical shock and fire hazards.
  • Stay away from downed power lines: Always assume that any downed power lines are live and dangerous. Report them to your utility company immediately.

Being prepared is your best protection against the electrical hazards that storms can bring. Taking the time now to implement these safety measures can provide peace of mind when storms approach, ensuring that your home remains safe no matter the weather.

Why Choose JDV Electric?

JDV Electric is your trusted local electrician in Delaware County, and we are here to provide you with peace of mind during storm season. Our team of background-checked and drug-tested electricians ensures your electrical system is in capable hands. With ongoing training exceeding 100 hours a year, we’re ready to handle any of your electrical problems.

Don’t let storm season catch you off guard. Let JDV Electric help you with a comprehensive inspection of your home’s electrical system, and enjoy the assurance that comes with expert care. We’re committed to providing safe and reliable electrical service and doing it right the first time.

For top-rated electrical services in Delaware County, count on JDV Electric. Call 610-364-5099 to schedule your electrical service today.

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