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Shocking Electrician Costumes For This Year's Halloween!


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Electrician Costumes to Check Out

As electrical experts will tell you, being shocked is no fun. On the other hand, as the Halloween season approaches, shocking pranks, costumes, and tricks can have their moments of laughter. October is the time of year when it is appropriate for homeowners to deck out their homes with ghosts, witches, goblins, and monsters.

Halloween is a time for scares, pranks, and chills. Besides the terrifying, though October is also the month for hilarity. Creative costume wearers have come up with a multitude of costumes that are meant to incite laughter versus terror. Some of the best costumes around are those that involve electricians.

Now that October is here, and Halloween is close at hand, shocking electrical costumes are abundant. In the blog below, there are five of the best shocking and laughable costumes around. Also, be on the lookout for some shocking electrical tips.

Add Electricity To The Dogs Costume

Not many people can resist a dog in costume. When it comes to adding a little electricity into the mix, you don’t necessarily have to dress the family pet as an electrician. As the picture shows, a ghost dog is not only cute but will get quite a few chuckles.

To add in the electrician side of things, adding a simple light bulb to the inside of the pumpkin is a sure-fire way to add a little extra something to Rover’s costume. A simple battery operated LED light will usually do the trick. This will let the pumpkin glow, but won’t put your furry friend in any danger of a shock.

dog costume

(Picture Tip) When switching from watts to lumens use this guide: 100W=1600L 75W=1100L 60W=800L

Kids’ Costumes

If you are looking to keep the shocking electrical spirit alive throughout the whole family, make baby costumes part of it too! Nowadays, kids’ Halloween costumes can be expensive and a pain. A quick and easy solution is to dirty up their faces and spike their hair.

This simple “electrocuted” costume is funny and cute. To give the costume a little extra pizzaz, cut some holes in a tee shirt and color the edges with a black marker. There are tons of other extras you can add to this get-up, but regardless, it will be the shock of the evening!

baby costume

(Picture Tip) In a Pinch, you can use electric tape to cover outlets for child safety

Be The Light Bulb

Unfortunately for some, bright ideas do not come along every day. When they do, it’s a good idea to capitalize on them. This is what this man did in the picture below. In this case, the bright idea was an idea itself.

Dressing up as an actual light bulb is not only shocking but ridiculously funny. If you can manage to get the light bulb to light while also playing the guitar, even better! The point with this is that when you have a good idea it’s best to show it off in the form of the light bulb switching on.

light bulb

(Picture Tip) The only way to put out an electrical fire is with a fire extinguisher. Water will make the fire worse.

Think Tee Shirt

Everyone knows there are those individuals that are not into the Halloween/costume scene. Not only are they not interested in electrician costumes, but they have no interest in dressing up at all. That being said, they usually still want to socialize and participate in the best Halloween parties.

This is generally a dilemma when it’s a costume party, though. So what to do? Channeling your inner electrician is usually the best course of action. It gives you the option of wearing nothing more elaborate than a tee shirt.

The brilliant Halloween party seeker in this photo opted for a simple yet comical tee shirt with an electrical outlet. Who said you can’t have the best costume with the least amount of effort?


(Picture Tip) Have your electrical panel inspected annually. Faulty panels were installed as recently as the ’90s in new homes. If the panel is hot, call for help as soon as possible.

Classic Electrician Costume

When in roam, the best option is to fall back on a classic. The shocked electrician gives off the right amount of terror mixed with incredulity sprinkled with laughter. While this costume puts every electrical expert’s worse fear into reality, it is fairly simple to accomplish.

There is not much needed except a ripped up jumpsuit and some spiked hair. If you really want to take it to the next step, a little costume makeup can go along way. The photo below is the perfect example.

The makeup done here is a great added feature with a lot of detail. The costume at a distance is hilarious, yet up close it has a gory shock value that is great for this time of year!


(Picture Tip) GFCI (reset button) outlets are required for all outlets within 6ft of water, but they can still be on a circuit with other outlets in the home. The GFCI protects everything on that particular circuit.

JDV Electric

While JDV Electric appreciates all the shocking and funny costumes around this time of year, they are also dedicated to the safety of every customer. A family-owned and operated business, they are committed to the 100% satisfaction of all their customers. JDV Electric is ready to assist you with all of your electrical needs.

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