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Some Tips to Avoid Main Electrical Hazards

Home & Electrical Safety
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Electricity makes our current quality of life possible. For most of us, it plays a role in almost every aspect of our lives, from our first cup of coffee in the morning to our last page of late-night reading.

While it’s an integral and depended-on part of our routine, it’s modern technology that we should not take for granted. When used properly, electricity is safe and doesn’t present any major concerns.

However, if it’s not installed or used properly, it can be very dangerous. In an effort to help keep you and your home safe, today we’ll talk about some of the electrical hazards in your home and ways that you can avoid these hazards.

Understanding the Risks Associated with Electrical Currents and Electrical Shocks


An electrical circuit is a path that electricity can flow through. Any time that you’re dealing with an electrical circuit, it’s important to use extreme caution.

If your body comes in contact with an electrical current, you’ll receive a shock. What’s worse, the current can flow through the human body, so the shock will not just make contact with your skin but can travel through your body, causing a variety of problems.

Depending on the severity of an electrical shock, it can result in no injury at all or it can result in death. Obviously, this means that an electrical shock is something you want to avoid whenever possible.

To avoid electrical shocks, never take on a home project that involves electricity unless you have the necessary skills and experience. These projects can expose you and your home to some major electrical hazards. Rather than take this risk, call a professional if electrical circuits or any electrical systems are involved.

Why Electrical Burns Can Be So Dangerous


When your body comes in contact with an electrical current, it can result in an electrical burn. These burns look much like a standard burn and usually can be treated in the same way.

However, with electrical burns, you have the added risk of not knowing whether the burn resulted in external and internal damage. Internal damage can sometimes be very serious while also being difficult to detect.

As a result, if you ever sustain an electrical burn, we recommend that you seek medical attention. Work to avoid electrical burns by always turning off power to any outlets, appliances, wires or electrical components before touching them or working with them.

Prevent Electrical Fires by Unplugging Appliances


One common electrical hazard for homeowners is the risk of an electrical fire. One small thing you can do to reduce this risk is unplugging appliances throughout your home when they’re not in use.

If your appliances are plugged in, they’ll receive an electrical current even when you’re not using them. This presents the risk of them heating up and starting an electrical fire.

Avoid this risk by unplugging appliances when you’re not using them. We hope these tips will help you to stay safe and avoid electrical hazards in your home. If you need any electrical work done or have any questions about your electrical systems, call JDV Electric today at 610-364-5099.

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