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Holiday Decorating on a Dime

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3 Ways To Make the House Merry Without Breaking the Bank

There’s nothing quite like decorating for the holidays. It’s a time of year when memories are made, full of beautiful colors, music, and fun. Decorating is one way to brighten the home during the holidays, but it’s easy to go overboard and make it an expensive project. With the holidays on the horizon, it’s a great time to consider finding cost-efficient decorations to express the joy of the holidays without breaking the bank. Read on for three great tips to save a little money and spread holiday cheer this season. 

Pick Energy Efficient Lights

led lights

Holiday decorations can last generations, but sometimes even the best lights should be retired. Older lights and lighted decorations can be a real drain on the energy bills. A great way to save money on electric bills and decorations is to invest in energy-efficient LED lights. These are just a few reasons why LEDs are a great investment that can save money this holiday season:

  • More Efficient: Newer LED lights are 75% more efficient than traditional incandescents. The increased efficiency will lower energy costs associated with decorations.
  • Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic: The materials that LED lights are made out of are non-toxic and more environmentally friendly than other lights. 
  • Safer: LEDs pose less of a fire risk because they produce far less heat and stay cool to the touch longer than traditional incandescent lights. 
  • Last Longer: LED lights are sturdier than most incandescent light materials, as they are made of epoxy materials, not traditional glass. LED lights tend to last twice as long as traditional incandescents, and many can last longer than that. 

Have a Baking Spree To Save Money

The smell of cookies is quintessentially a scent of the holiday season. Baking buckets of goodies is a tradition in many households during the holidays. However, running the oven off and on frequently can raise energy bills and make the budget less than sweet. Consider planning a single day for baking the holiday sweets. 


A baking spree with holiday music playing in the background and plenty of treats to go around is a great way to celebrate the season and save money. To keep cookies and other sweets fresh, consider freezing them until it’s time to bust them out with the cocoa. 

Keep Decorations on Timers

Constantly plugging and unplugging the lights can be a pain, especially if the home has enough decorations inside to put the mall to shame or if the yard looks like a Winter Wonderland resort. Homeowners could be tempted just to leave everything plugged in and deal with the electrical bill later. This is not a good plan for the budget or for safety. A good rule of thumb to always follow when it comes to electrical holiday decorations is to never leave them plugged in while asleep or away. If there isn’t a set of eyes on them, they pose an increased risk for electrical fires.

To save more money while home to enjoy the decorations, consider setting them on a timer. The great thing about having decorations on a timer is that homeowners can choose when the lights are on and save money while doing it. Timers take the work out of turning on the cheerful lights and ensure that lights aren’t left on when not in use, preventing a drain on the electrical bill. Timers aren’t too expensive and are easily installed by a handy DIYer or reliable electrical company.

Keep the house and budget merry this holiday season by following these tips. Investing in energy-efficient decorations and taking a little time to plan out the best time to enjoy lights and baking during the holidays are just a few ways a budget-savvy homeowner can save some extra money during the holiday season. Saving money and having fun decorating for the holidays can happen together, and a trustworthy electrical company can help make the process fast and easy.

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