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Spring Into Electrical Saving This May

Home & Electrical Safety, Seasonal
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Celebrate Electrical Safety in May and Every Other Day With These Tips

Spring is all about new life, and the air always feels alive with energy! Energy plays a significant role in more than just plant life. The home benefits from its own source of energy every single day; electricity! But the energy that powers a home also poses significant risks to everything and everyone inside of it. This May, discover methods to ensure safety at home while celebrating the modern marvel of electricity!

Install Electrical Safety Devices

Back when electricity was first used at large in homes, somewhere around the late 1890s, people were wary of the new invention, and for a good reason! Electrical fires were widespread in the Victorian era, wires were uninsulated, and today’s safety devices were non-existent. But the modern home should have these electrical safety devices installed to stay safe from electrical dangers.

  • Fuses: Fuses protect electrical circuits from too much electrical current. If too much electricity reaches the fuse, it will break, stopping the electricity in its tracks.
  • Circuit Breakers: Circuit breakers prevent damage to circuits from overloaded currents like fuses. However, circuit breakers do not break when tripped by a current. Instead, they are switched off and quickly switched back on from the circuit breaker panel. 
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI): GFCIs are designed to prevent electrocution. They detect tiny changes in currents and switch off when one is detected. These interrupters are required in any room where water may hit the outlet.
  • Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI): AFCIs are designed to prevent electrical fires in the home. They detect stray currents and cut off power to the circuit when an arc in power is detected. 

Learn Warning Signs of Overloaded Electrical Systems


Flickering Lights: If the lights in the house flicker when other electrical appliances turn on, the electrical system may be overloaded.

Tripped Fuses: Tripped fuses happen occasionally, but if they’re a common occurrence, the home’s electrical system is not up to the demands of the house.

Sizzling Sounds: Crackling, sizzling, and snapping sounds from outlets signify surging circuits and overworked electrical. 

Burning Smells: Burning smells from wall sockets or plates are indicative of electrical fire risk. 

Static Shocks: Light shocks or buzzes coming from wall plates and sockets indicate an electrical current issue or overload in the electrical system. 

Never ignore these signs of electrical overload when they appear in the home. Contact an electrician immediately to prevent electrical fire, failure, or damage to the house.

Discover Surge Protection Benefits


A typical American home will experience over 300 electrical surges in a year. Without proper protection, these surges turn into electrical fires and damage the appliances of a home. Surge protectors provide the protection a home needs by absorbing excess energy from electrical surges. 

There are two main types of surge protectors on the market for use in homes:

  • Surge Protector Strips: Surge protector strips resemble an extension cord with multiple plug openings for electronic devices. These models are affordable and portable, but they do not afford as much protection as other models. They only protect appliances directly plugged into them, so multiple strips are needed to cover an entire house. 
  • Whole-Home Surge Protectors: Whole-home surge protectors afford every part of the house the benefits of surge protection without plugging surge protectors into every outlet. These protectors are capable of handling up to 2,000 joules of energy in a surge. They require professional installation and occasional retrofitting of the electrical in a home. 

Applying these electrical safety tips in time to celebrate Electrical Safety Month will ensure that the home is secure against electrical threats for the rest of the year.

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